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More About Us

Vivid Obsidian is a semi-pro esports org founded in 2021.  Born in Auckland, New Zealand and creating opportunities across the country to spotlight and contribute to the #OCE scene.

Recruiting team management now.  Get in touch to join the first roster at the start of something exciting.

Mission & Vision

Vivid Obsidian is a fun & stylish well recognised organisation that will operate professionally.  We acknowledge that there is a difference between 'being pro' and behaving as such.  At this stage the org is amateur -> semi-pro depending on your definition!  However, we are committed to creating a sustainable organization based in New Zealand to support and promote the #OCE scene so expect the commercial side of the org to develop and grow in time.  

Values & Behaviours

  • Competitive - Disciplined approach to training, a winning approach to competing and professional approach to representing the brand & it's partners

  • Entertaining - Stylish and fun approach to play that is enjoyable for the players, fans & community

  • Inclusive - A psychologically safe organisation where everyone has a voice and valuable contribution.  Our team is expected to respect diverse perspectives, experiences, cultures and genders

  • Innovative - Early adopters of new ideas, approaches and technology.  We will mix esports specialists with experts and advisors from traditional sport, commercial business and research. 

  • Personality - Both in life and competing we celebrate personality.  There is no place for toxicity but personal opinion and competitive banter is encouraged

  • Together - Our people are at the heart of what we do, how we do it and how decisions are made.  Talent will be identified, developed and nurtured.



Currently establishing a Valorant roster and with plans to add a second in the future - read about VO2 Max here

This industry is growing rapidly and we’re excited to join it. Catch us in action online or at our next competition!

Why 'Vivid Obsidian'?

Vivid = producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind.  Dynamic and lively.

Obsidian = Formed from volcanoes under extreme heat and pressure.   Representing the professionalism of the organisation but also that our values and vision are woven through our decision making and team culture, formed from deep in our core.

Obsidian is commonly referred to as dragon glass in Game of Thrones and is one of 2 materials known to kill white walkers.  A theatrical edge, with a nod to the team taking down those that are hard to defeat.

Join the Management team

Please complete and submit this form to register your expression of interest to join the management team.

At this stage, all roles are voluntary. 

If you want to join the player roster please check out the VO2 Max project here

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