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Team Manager

Join the team

Please complete and submit the appropriate form to register your expression of interest to join the team.

If you want to join the team as a player please head over to the VO2 Max page and complete the form here 

If you want to join as non-player please complete the form here

We encourage applications from Oceania players of all cultures and genders.

At this stage, all roles are voluntary.  See benefits below in 'what we offer'

What we offer

Benefits will grow as the organisation grows.  

General Management & Administration

  1. Access to join a promising new organization at the start of the journey

  2. A great group of team mates that share your approach to play, ambition and capability

  3. Tournament fees / subscriptions

  4. Team administration to be run as a high performing team that values the input from players in a psychologically safe environment

  5. Professional focused and well organized team with competent and active management putting health & wellbeing first.

Partnerships & Sponsors

  1. Access to Sponsorship benefits when sales are secured.

  2. Partnership focus to provide direct value in kind to the team.  

Marketing & Media

  1. Promoted exposure through org socials and channels.

  2. A system to capture footage, statistics and feed that to content producers (offshore) to feed socials 

  3. Media assets, both social & video that can be used across all platforms (including players own)

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