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VO2 Max


VO2 Max is the working title for a second Vivid Obsidian Valorant team and important strategic signalling for the organisation.

When we first started and put out messages looking for players we were only contact by males.  They are really top quality guys, we are stoked with the team we have and believe the potential with our primary roster is very bright.

However we don't want to just have a diverse and inclusive team, we want it to be an intrinsic part of our DNA.  That is what we are hoping to achieve through VO2 Max.

We appreciate diversity and inclusion covers many many areas and we hope to gain a greater understanding of all of them.  Rather than try and tackle everything at once we are starting with gender imbalance in esports.

A recent Newzoo infographic shows gender demographics of gamers in Oceania is 50/50 (50.1% in NZ & 49.9% in Australia are female).  Whatever way it's cut, whatever report we have read, females account for a large proportion of gamers.  This gender diversity is not however as apparent in competitive esports where the minority of teams have female representation.  

The Bryter Female Gamers report* of female gamers states that:

  • 65% agree that the esports community should organise more mixed gender tournaments

  • 60% agree there is a lack of female gamers in esports

  • 60% agree they would watch more esports if there were more female teams or tournaments

  • 59% agree the gaming community isn't doing enough to encourage female gamers in esports

*You can read the full Bryter report here

While creating the organisation we made the statement that diversity and inclusion is a key value.  It's easy to say that but the proof is in actions and behaviours.

Our first Valorant roster is up and running and the objective of VO2 Max is to learn, understand and promote continuing opportunities.  We hope to have a second team in place at some point in 2022.  

Will this be an all female team, or a mixed team?  Great question and not something we have concluded yet.  We need input, feedback and interest to be shown to progress this decision!  We are continually learning and strive to be better, so if you have a view please get in touch.

If you interested in getting involved in the VO2 Max project as a player, advisor or advocate please get in touch via the form below, or hit us up on socials.


Why VO2 Max?

VO2max is a scientific term for the maximum or optimum rate at which the heart, lungs, and muscles can effectively use oxygen during exercise, used as a way of measuring a person's individual aerobic capacity.

VO = Vivid Obsidian

2 = a second team

VO2 Max = maximising and optimising our possible capacity and performance

VO2 Max: About


Welcome to our news section. A compilation of articles that are relevant to diversity and inclusion in the esports and gaming industry.

VO2 Max: News

Join the VO2 Max team

Please complete and submit this form to register your expression of interest to join the VO2 Max team.

We encourage applications from Oceania players of all cultures and genders.

At this stage, all roles are voluntary.  See benefits below in 'what we offer'

If you want to join the non-player staff please complete the form here

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